Client: Yuduyu

My Role: User Experience, Concept Development, User Research


User interviews
Affinity mapping
Journey mapping
Persona exploration
Concept development


UX fundamentals
Persona cards
User journey
User flows


The concept has been developed and shared with potential investors in the US



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Yuduyu is a Berlin bases startup that strives to change the way we search and hire for jobs.

The startup team included the founder - Kristina Svensson, a researcher - Morta Kailauskaite, and several other rotating members and developers that included a people analytics expert (Bastian Luecke), marketing experts, and others.

The Mission

Showcase the aptitudes and potential to the employers that need them. Employers know that they should also take into consideration job seekers' natural aptitudes, character, and life journeys, but currently, that's a very time-consuming, expensive process.

  • Over 40% of employers say they lack the skilled candidates to fill vacancies.
  • 2+ Billion people are underutilized and waiting for opportunities.
  • A CV doesn't reflect professional potential.


What do you feel like when you look for a job?
What do you feel like when you look for a job?

During the discovery phase, we conducted different user interviews to validate our idea and develop the core concept of the product. We arranged interviews with different users from the job seekers' side to get a grasp on what they thought was valuable for them to have as well as the employer side to evaluate what they need as recruiters and where are their biggest pain points.

During this process, I evaluated different metrics and features to discuss post the initial interviews to assess which direction would be the best for our core idea.

here are some of the insights we discovered:


  • Most job seekers at an early age feel confused about what their future career will be and how to pursue it 
  • While if they did have a certain career in mind they felt they are not sure how to showcase or develop their skills.
  • Job seekers feel that in today's recruitment process they feel lost in their CV and feel it doesn’t really show their true personal value.
The Employers

On the other side, the employers communicated that they lack valued employees that fit into their company’s culture, while skills matter for them a lot, they still would like to have a way to fit the employee to the team and company profile in a more precise way and looking for an assessment of different metrics for their candids


Defining the Metrics

From the interview process, we determined the feature metrics we needed to structure and develop, and we decided to do some more user interviews to test what the users feel about what is most important for them

3-5 Things you would like to show about yourself in an employment platform:
Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 21.54.24
Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 21.54.35

As the results show the most valuable metric for the user was to show their personality alongside the CV which should include passions and aptitudes.

This helped us confirm some of our concept's initial hypothesis about what users think and feel and what solution might be helpful for them in their job-seeking journey.


After defining the metrics for our initial MVP, I conducted a few workshops with the entire team (founders, content, research) to define the personas and user journeys based on the data we collected throughout the interviews and their insights with prior interviews conducted.

These workshops helped us synthesis the entire team's knowledge of our potential users and empathize with our interviewees and hopefully focus our future efforts on these personas.

Persona cards

We crafted 4 personas that were focusing mainly on young 19-27 years old internationals. we wanted to focus on diversity and inclusivity and we based all of the personas on real users we interviewed and how they thought and felt regarding their job-seeking journey.

(Personas were created based on employers in collaboration with Zalando and other HR companies as well, however still under NDA currently)

The Journey

We created another round of interviews in order to build up our user journey - starting with a hypothetical journey we crafted internally and working with our potential user group to verify and modify the journey with their input.


We also worked with internal HR managers to verify the recruitment journey and where they struggle as well.

User Flows

With the help of a People Analytics expert, we created a user flow that indicates the phases both job seekers and recruiters need to follow in order to create a match, and what scale of data (tests) we require to create a reliable match between them.

Feature mapping

I also created a feature map that helped us ideate and have a better overlook on what sort of tests and results from our users will need to go through in order to complete their profile:

Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 02.31.56


I explored different ways to redesign the CV and tested it with different user groups, since the process is still under NDA I cannot show any of the prototypes for the time being.

However, here is more about the final concept:

"Yuduyu will automatically generate holistic professional profiles for users based on their assessment test results, allowing employers to instantly access a data visualization of a candidate's potential. By democratizing people analytics, we'll provide job seekers with free access to the technology that was previously only available to recruiters and corporations. "

Accelerate workplace inclusion and economic growth by enabling
people to showcase their true potential – whatever their background.